China arbitrarily arrests elderly Tibetan man

18th May 2018

Gangye, in his 50s, was forcefully taken away earlier this month.  

In the morning of 8 May, Chinese police personnel entered Gangye’s home in Trido Town, Sog county, eastern Tibet.

They searched his possessions and found books by the Dalai Lama and a CD of the Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra initiation, items which are banned in Tibet.

These items were confiscated by the police and Gangye was taken away.

While the sudden raid left his family in shock they had suspected that Gangye was under the surveillance of the Chinese authorities for a while. Prior to the raid, both Gangye and his two sons, Choedak and Tenzin, had been summoned and temporarily detained by the police on several previous occasions.

Each time, Gangye was released after being interrogated. This time, however, he has not returned. His whereabouts and situation remains unknown.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch.

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In Tibet the Chinese Communist Party oversees what some have called the world's largest open air prison. The authorities have the power to switch the light on and off, peering into Tibetans' emails one moment and making political prisoners vanish from their families and friends, apparently into darkness, the next. Help us push for Tibet's hidden political prisoners to be found and released.