Cash rewards for informants

26th October 2012

Latest attempt to divide Tibetans

The Chinese Police has issued notices offering large sums of money in exchange for information.

Posters written in Tibetan have been displayed in the Kanlho area. They ask anyone with information about any planned protests or recent self-immolations to come forward.

The posters first appeared after Lhamo Kyab set himself on fire in the area.

A further three Tibetans in the same county, Dhondup, Dorjee Rinchen, and Lhamo Tseten have protested in the same way since.

Large amounts of money offered

The sum of money on offer for information about anyone 'planning, instigating, manipulating, and luring for self-immolation', is more than a Chinese government official makes in a year.

Another substantial reward is on offer for information about the 'evil backstage manipulator' of recent-self immolations that have taken place in the area.

Attempt to quell Tibetan protest

This is yet another approach by Chinese authorities to put a stop to protests by trying to cause divisions within the Tibetan community.

Earlier this week, Free Tibet reported the assignment of Chinese friends to Tibetan families to spy on them.


The notice refers to 'four self-immolations' which have taken place in 'recent days'. We believe this refers to the self-immolations of Dolkar Kyi, Sangye Gyatso and Tamdrin Dorjee. The full translation of the notice is:


In the recent days, four self-immolation instigated by separatist power from both inside & outside and Dalai Clique, happened in the prefecture. It influenced the harmony and stability of society, impacted the people's joyful living and working.

Self-immolation is an extremist suicide action which means anti-human, anti-society, and anti-law. It deprives the human being the right of life. This sort of terrorist action not only waste the love and care given by parents and society, but also it demises or trample one's own life. It is an action completely irresponsible for family and society. Recent Self-immolation happened in our prefecture is the political conspiracy of Dalai Clique attempts to separate China, to destroy the unity of nationalities.

The great public mass are requested to clearly recognize the situation, make a clear distinction between right and wrong, cherish your lives, and be active to fight with this criminal action against the law. For accurately dig out the evil backstage manipulator in time, for strike hard the criminal action that violates the law, for safeguard the harmony and stability of the prefecture with the utmost effort, Gan-nan (Tib: Ganlho) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Public Security Bureau made the decision shown below.

1. Amount of RMB 50,000 will be awarded to anyone reports and prove police the reliable clues related to planning, instigating, manipulating, and luring for self-immolation.
2. Amount of RMB 20,0000 will be awarded to anyone accurately reveals the evil backstage manipulator for the four recent self-immolation.
3. Police will completely keep the identity of informant confidential, and ensure the security of the informant.
4. The award will be given through a special path and process.

Informant's hot-line telephone

Landline: 0941-6696271
Cellular: 15293669011

Issued by (seal printed in red)

Gan-nan Prefecture Public Security Bureau

Date: October 21, 2012