Blog: Putting the fun in your fundraiser

Kavita - Free Tibet Fundraiser
Kavita - Free Tibet Fundraiser
13th May 2016

Post by Kavita

Don’t be deterred by the F word – we’ve launched a new ‘Fundraise for Us’ initiative as a way to get involved by doing something that interests or challenges you.

As Free Tibet’s Fundraiser, fundraising is clearly an integral part of my job. However, before embarking upon this career, fundraising meant something completely different to me. It was an activity that I did regularly with my friends, where we could have fun and make an impact at the same time. It was a way to learn more about a cause, spread awareness, raise money and have some unforgettable experiences along the way. Whether it was throwing a bake sale, hosting a charity dinner or running a marathon, I always came away feeling tremendously fulfilled. Free Tibet’s new Fundraise for Us initiative is an exciting way for you to do the same thing. 

Five reasons to Fundraise for Free Tibet:

  1. It’s fun, exciting and allows you to get involved in innovative ways
    If you like eating, playing sports, climbing mountains or jumping out of aeroplanes – why not combine this with raising money for Free Tibet? If you’ve always wanted to get involved with the cause and never really knew how you could help, here’s your opportunity. You can literally do anything (as long as it is legal). Pick something that interests you, raise money and have fun with it – it’s so simple!
  2. For the ‘journey’
    Part of my job is taking care of supporters. It’s important to me that our supporters are supported. Fundraising for Free Tibet is therefore not just about raising money for us, but rather a relationship in which we work together to support a need. It’s about the journey – from brainstorming ideas at the very beginning to completing the challenge at the very end. You will be supported every step of the way with guidance, advice, materials and anything else you may need.
  3. It’s vital for the work we do
    Unlike other larger organisations with tens of thousands of supporters, Free Tibet relies on support from far fewer individuals. We sincerely value each of our supporters and every pound that comes in. Fundraising for us would contribute significantly to the work we do on a daily basis, and allow us to continue campaigning for a free Tibet.
  4. It raises awareness of our cause
    Whatever your fundraising activity may be and however much money you raise, it will increase awareness of the cause. Issues in Tibet are not always publicised in mainstream media, and many people are unfamiliar with the fact that Tibetans are forced to continue living in precarious circumstances, unable to determine their own future. Your fundraising will help to spread the truth.
  5. Because it matters
    My first fundraising challenge was a ten kilometre run. At the time, running was new to me and having to run ten whole kilometres was probably the toughest challenge I had ever taken on. It’s easy to lose sight of things and give up when you are taking on a challenge for yourself, but knowing that I was doing it for an important cause was what kept me going, and what pushed me past the finish line. I remember feeling so proud that day, not because I had accomplished something that I never thought I could, but because it mattered.


A group of young people in Norway who held a music gig to raise money for Free Tibet
Karine in Virginie climbed Mt Blanc
One of our supporters did a fundraising swim

We have an A-Z of fundraising ideas, and would love to hear yours too. You can download our Fundraising Guide  from our website at

Get in touch with me to discuss your ideas, or to request a free fundraising pack via email at or give me a call on 020 7324 4615.

About the Author: Kavita is Free Tibet’s Fundraiser. She has been an active supporter of self-determination for Tibetans after spending time with Tibetan monks in Labrang Monastery in Amdo, eastern Tibet. She has a keen interest in philosophy, meditation and mindfulness.