Another Tibetan musician jailed

17th April 2014

Iggy Pop backs campaign as news of arrest emerges

Pema Rigzin was arrested on 7 May 2013 and his current whereabouts are unknown. 42 year old Pema was a well-known Tibetan folk singer and a successful businessman from Ngaba County.

Tibet’s Jailed Musicians

Pema Rigzin is believed to have been detained for producing albums for Tibetan singers Chakdor, Pema Thinley and Achok Phulshung. All three of these musicians are also detained and are part of our Jailed Musicians campaign. Pema Rigzin is the father of three children.

Tibet’s resistance

Pema Rigzin’s home, Ngaba County, has been the scene of many forms of demonstrations, including the youngest self-immolation protest by 15 year old Dorje. Since Dorje, over 125 Tibetans have carried out similar protests across historical Tibet.

Icon boosts musician campaign

As our petition nears 5000 signatures, we are happy to announce that music legend Iggy Pop - a long time Tibet supporter – has added his name. Please join Iggy in calling on China’s Minister of Justice, Wu Aiying, to release Tibet’s Jailed Musicians by signing our petition. action10.jpg