16-year-old is the fourth child to die in self-immolation protests

10th December 2012

On the evening of 9 December, 16-year-old Wanchen Kyi became the eighth Tibetan aged under 18 to self-immolate in protest at China’s occupation of Tibet, and the latest to die.

On holiday from Tsekog County Second National Middle School in eastern Tibet at the time of her protest, she shouted “Long live His Holiness the Dalai Lama, long live Tibetan People” and leaves her parents and two sisters.

The local community claimed her body and an estimated three thousand local people attended her cremation service.

Children beaten, imprisoned and killed in Tibet

Confirmation of Wanchen Kyi’s death comes as Free Tibet and Tibet Watch publish their comprehensive and damning report to the United Nations about China’s violations of the human rights of children in Tibet. The two groups have released Growing up under China’s occupation: the plight of Tibet’s children to mark Human Rights Day (10 December).

The whereabouts of the four children who survived their protests remain unknown.

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