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Police in violent crackdown on Tibetans days after self-immolation

27th March 2017
Arrests and beatings in Kardze follows high-profile protest Chinese security personnel have been...Read more

Police arrest witnesses at site of recent self-immolation protest

23rd March 2017
Bystanders at recent protest in eastern Tibet taken into custody People nearby the self-immolation of...Read more

Mother-of-two seized after solo protest

22nd March 2017
Woman arrested in Ngaba just days after similar action by young monk A mother of two has been...Read more

Assault on Larung Gar Resumes After New Order Issued

21st March 2017
Abbot of Buddhist Academy informs residents about evictions and demolitions New orders have been...Read more

Tibetan Monk seized following protest marking historic date

20th March 2017
Update (24/03/2017): It has been reported that Lobsang Dhargay is now in a critical condition having...Read more

24-year-old Tibetan sets himself on fire in eastern Tibet

19th March 2017
Police and security forces deployed to area while vigil is held in Dharamsala A 24-year-old Tibetan...Read more

Tashi Wangchuk, religious freedom raised at United Nations

16th March 2017
China's record criticised at UN Human Rights Council debate China’s human rights record,...Read more

Tibetans around the world mark Uprising Day

13th March 2017
Events co-organised by Free Tibet draw hundreds of supporters in London Tibetans and Tibet supporters...Read more

Tibetan man arrested for sharing pictures of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan flag

9th March 2017
Gendun is currently being held in detention in Kardze A Tibetan man has been severely beaten and...Read more

Blog: Year of the Firebird

3rd March 2017
Welcome to the future. According to the Tibetan calendar it’s the year 2144 and it’s the year of the...Read more

UN experts express "serious concern" at Larung Gar evictions and demolitions

27th February 2017
Special Rapporteurs covering a range of human rights issues write to Beijing as threat of further demolitions...Read more

Blog: Attending the Kalachakra

22nd February 2017
My Pilgrimage to Bodh Gaya to Attend the Kalachakra Teachings The most recent Kalachakra Initiation...Read more

Peaceful protester disappears after January arrest in southeast Tibet

17th February 2017
20-year-old Sonam Tashi’s family uncertain of his status, six weeks after he was seized for political...Read more

Video: Massive display of military force at Tibetan monastery

16th February 2017
Hundreds of soldiers and police deployed around Kumbum Monastery during key religious festival Video...Read more

Military build-up on Tibetan borders as pilgrims prepare for prayer festival

13th February 2017
New footage shows authorities blocking pilgrims’ right of way amid tensions over Tibetan Uprising...Read more

Blog: The year of protest

10th February 2017
January has often been a quiet month. Not this year. The streets of London – and many other cities - have been...Read more

China responds to UN on torture record

7th February 2017
The response includes the claim that there is no suppression of activists or defence lawyers by the Chinese...Read more

Blog: Inspired by the Dalai Lama

6th February 2017
On 10 December 1989 the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to someone who described himself as a “simple monk from...Read more

Tibetan musician freed after four years in jail

3rd February 2017
Amchok Phuljung was imprisoned in 2012 shortly after the release of his fifth album in which he openly praised...Read more

US watchdog reports: Tibet among the least free places in the world

2nd February 2017
Tibet remains the second least free place in the world in Freedom House’s annual survey Freedom...Read more