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The transport authority of Paris, RATP, has completed a six-month test of two BYD buses. They will now decide whether to purchase more vehicles from BYD.

RATP needs to hear that green transport must not come at the expense of Tibetans, who see nothing from the extraction by BYD and other companies that sell on Tibet's resources except environmental and social damage.

Tell RATP not to put any more BYD buses on the streets of Paris.


Labelled by some sources as the new oil, lithium is a key element in batteries for many of the consumer goods that people around the world rely on, including laptops, cameras and smartphones. Across Tibet's vast terrain are salt lakes that contain some of the largest lithium reserves in the world.

In the rush to join the lucrative market for lithium batteries, several Chinese companies have moved into Tibet. This move is backed by the Chinese government but has met opposition from Tibetans who have experienced the environmental costs of lithium extraction first hand.

Among the companies to move into Tibet, the largest is BYD, a Chinese battery and vehicle manufacturer and the largest producer of electric transport in the world.