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The entrance to the Litang Chöde Monastery
Litang Chöde Monastery - Photograph by Rebecca Mayoll

One day we found ourselves in the presence of a majestic Buddhist palace, its gold and red staring proudly at us.

Perhaps it had been recess because hundreds of red dots flowed from its innards and toward the golden archway. By the time we had reached the entrance of Litang Chöde Monastery all was still, even a long line of golden prayer wheels sat silently in place.

Close by, we stopped to appreciate a small house but not because it was the most majestic house in the neighbourhood - like all the others it was made from slate grey stone and adorned with deep red paintwork. Instead, we offered our respect because this was the birth home of Kelzang Gyatso, the 7th Dalai Lama, who was born in 1708.