Stop the Bus

Tell London's transport authority to do no business with Chinese company exploiting Tibet



London's transport authority is introducing a fleet of buses from a company which exploits the natural resources of Tibet. 

BYD, a Chinese company specialising in electric vehicles and rechargeable batteries, has been granted possession of one Tibet's largest salt lakes. The lake gives BYD the supply of lithium that it needs for the batteries powering its vehicles. For Tibetans it is yet another example of Chinese companies, backed by Beijing, taking over their land and resources, putting their environment and society at risk. In May 2016, a leak from a lithium mine in Tibet killed fish in a local river - Tibetans who protested were intimidated by the police.

This summer, Transport for London - the public authority responsible for the capital's buses, trains and the Underground - is rolling out 51 new BYD buses for use on two of its routes. While the introduction of more green transport into London is welcome, it must not come at the expense of Tibet's environment and people, who see none of the profits from BYD and other extraction companies that sell on their resources.

Please contact Transport for London, urging it to take no more buses from BYD.

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