BlackRock UK - Stop investing in the exploitation of Tibet


Each year, Chinese company Tibet Water Resources Ltd sells 100,000 tonnes of Tbet 5100 bottled water - water that rightly belongs to Tibetans. It is part of the bottled water "gold rush" in Tibet that threatens the sustainability of water resources on which hundreds of millions of people across Asia depend. It is part of the ruthless exploitation of Tibet's environment by Chinese companies and the Chinese government, whose only interest in Tibet is the profit they can take out. Tibet's reserves of minerals, rare earths, fossil fuels, uranium and countless other resources are being plundered and Tibet's environment is paying the price, in land and water pollution, habitat destruction and scars upon the landscape. Only Tibetans have the right to Tibet's resources and only they will protect its land responsibly.

Companies investing in the exploitation of Tibetans' resources must take their money out. Please contact BlackRock, one of the biggest investors in Tibet 5100, and demand that it sells its shares in Tibet 5100.

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