Big Give 2014

Do you browse our website for the latest news on Tibet? Well, we wouldn’t be able to share any of this with you if it wasn't for our research partner, Tibet Watch.

Without Tibet Watch, Free Tibet couldn't turn the international media spotlight on Tibet, couldn't provide evidence to the UN of China's human rights abuses and couldn't obtain the up-to-date information we need to continue our campaigns.

From their office in Dharamsala, northern India, Tibet Watch researchers collate and corroborate testimonies and eye-witness accounts of human rights abuses in Tibet.

Tibetans risk life imprisonment for speaking out about the lack of freedom, so Tibet Watch must protect its sources by ensuring its communication systems aren't vulnerable to intrusion.


Will you help Tibet Watch this December?

Tibet Watch has teamed up with the Big Give to potentially double any online donation you make on Thursday 4th, Friday 5th or Saturday 6th December.

Tibet Watch needs your help to keep its India office running.

It costs:

  • £122 a month for a new office with space for confidential interviews
  • £75 for new telephone lines and internet cables for more stable communications
  • £50 a month to maintain secure communications with contacts inside Tibet
  • £30 a month to communicate news to Free Tibet safely
  • £8 for a round trip to the Dharamsala reception centre to interview newly arrived refugees

Click the button below at 10am GMT on Thursday 4th, Friday 5th or Saturday 6th December

Every pound you donate will be matched by philanthropists, but only whilst funds last – they might run out in minutes, so donate as soon after 10am as possible!